What you need to know before your first “down under” wax

Are you about to experience your first Brazilian or bikini wax? Here are some things you need to know, and do, before you come to your appointment.

1. Moisturize! Apply lotion to the area that’s getting waxed once or twice a day for at least four days before your appointment. This will help soften the skin, which will help reduce irritation that can result from getting waxed.

2. Plan ahead! Getting your nether regions waxed can be an irritating experience. The skin is sensitive and needs to be cared for after it’s waxed. To help reduce irritation and annoying red bumps, do not do any activity that will cause sweating for a day or two after getting waxed. It’s best if you don’t go swimming or tanning for a day or two as well. Take the time to pamper that skin. You’ll be thankful you did.

3. Shower! Please shower or somehow wash yourself before coming to the appointment. This should not need further explanation.

4. Aunt Flow! Ladies, this one is up to you. If Aunt Flow is visiting, I’ll still wax you, however keep in mind that your skin will likely be more sensitive during this time period. It’s quite likely your skin will be more sensitive 3-4 days before your start date as well. Keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

5. Hair length! In order for the wax to attach to your hair, the hair needs to be about one inch in length. So absolutely no shaving or trimming before you get waxed! You’ll need to let it grow out for a few weeks. If the hair is too long I’ll trim it first, so don’t worry about that.

6. Exfoliate! Be prepared to start exfoliating the waxed area a day or two after your appointment. I do carry exfoliating gloves if you need one or two. Ask about it during your appointment.

7. Pain killers! Getting waxed can be a little painful. Especially your first couple of times. (It does get easier the more you do it.) If you’re worried about the pain feel free to take some Ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment.

8. Drugs and alcohol! While it may be tempting to dull the pain with some alcohol and illegal drugs, I must advise you that if you show up to your appointment under the influence of either I will not wax you. This is for safety and liability purposes.

Most importantly, RELAX! It’s not nearly as painful as you might think. So just lay back, relax, and leave the rest to me!

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